Our Exclusive Video of the Mercedes-Benz Vision EQS Sedan

Inside the company's design studio, we learn the ins and outs of the luxurious electric sedan

If anyone is searching for a signal that it’s a new era at Mercedes-Benz, one need only look at the Vision EQS sedan—and the stand at the IAA Frankfurt Motor Show (where it was debuted today) proves it. In our exclusive video, we take you behind-the-scenes to the company’s design studio in Sindelfingen, Germany and speak to some of the people involved in creating it. …

Mercedes-Benz EQ Fellows: Jenny Wu

An innovator and architect challenging the way we approach our built environment

Presented in partnership with Mercedes-Benz EQ

Co-founder and principal at LA-based experimental architecture and design firm Oyler Wu Collaborative, Jenny Wu is constantly exploring and developing innovative new design solutions—all based on the mission to benefit and elevate the community. Specifically focused on the built environment (aka our human-made surroundings), Wu has worked on all kinds of architectural projects, from a 16-story tower in Taipei to a pavilion in Beijing to office space in …

Inside the Mind of Jihan Zencirli, aka GERONIMO

We visit the LA-based artist in her studio to learn more about The Mirrored Forest installation, created for Summit LA

Created for Summit LA18, commissioned by Mercedes-Benz EQ and curated by COOL HUNTING, GERONIMO‘s The Mirrored Forest included nine inflated, recycled nylon trees installed in a Downtown LA alley. For a few days, the narrow urban space (also the entrance to Summit) was overgrown with the 10- to 30-foot sculptures that offered both whimsy and shade for the 3,000+ attendees. We visited GERONIMO aka Jihan Zencirli in her …