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Inside the Mind of Jihan Zencirli, aka GERONIMO

We visit the LA-based artist in her studio to learn more about The Mirrored Forest installation, created for Summit LA

Created for Summit LA18, commissioned by Mercedes-Benz EQ and curated by COOL HUNTING, GERONIMO‘s The Mirrored Forest included nine inflated, recycled nylon trees installed in a Downtown LA alley. For a few days, the narrow urban space (also the entrance to Summit) was overgrown with the 10- to 30-foot sculptures that offered both whimsy and shade for the 3,000+ attendees. We visited GERONIMO aka Jihan Zencirli in her studio during the project’s development to learn more about the inspiration for this departure from her known and fantastical outpouring of round latex balloons. As we’ve come to learn from working with Zencirli, her mind tends to wander in incredible ways—fortunately, the cameras were rolling.

We’re incredibly proud to have worked with Mercedes-Benz EQ and Summit to build a partnership with meaning, especially with the former commissioning Zencirli to make new and more sustainable work as well as  sponsoring 10 entrepreneurs pushing innovations in mobility.


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