Summit 2018: Mercedes-Benz EQ Fellowships Announced

We're thrilled to announce 10 emerging talents that will join the event and community

In Partnership with Mercedes-Benz EQ

Acutely aware that several important events like Summit Series’ annual conference in Los Angeles are out of reach for many worthy particpants, Mercedes-Benz EQ and the Summit team joined forces to ensure that the voices and talent of young, driven, emerging innovators are able to participate and share their visions for the future of mobility.

Summit Fellowships were created to increase diversity and provide opportunities for those who desire and deserve to participate in the Summit community, but who may not have the personal funds or budget from their organizations to attend the conference. Forty four Fellows from around the world will be attending this year’s event, ten of whom represent the inaugural class of the Summit Mercedes-Benz EQ Fellows.

The selected Fellows’ work spans the arts, technology, the future of mobility and cities, business, government and beyond, and each offers something special to the community. Congratulations to the first class of Summit Mercedes-Benz EQ Fellows.

Left to right, from the top: Rahul Gayam, Tara Pham, Michael Lim, Tamara Warren, Jordan Davis, Jenny Wu, Alisyn Malek, Humphrey Wrey, Gene Berdichevsky, Emily Brooke

Alisyn Malek—COO and Co-Founder of May Mobility, Detroit
An engineer, Alisyn has deep experience in charging and autonomous driving.  She’s currently developing a community-focused approach to transportation using autonomous cars and related services.

Emily Brooke—Founder and CEO, Beryl, London
If you live in London, New York, Montreal or Glasgow and have ridden an urban bicycle you’ve seen Emily’s work illuminating your path. Bicycle lights, lasers, GPS, connectivity, data and more are all part of her effort to make cycling safer.

Gene Berdichevsky—Co-Founder + CEO of Sila Nanotechnologies, Oakland
Gene founded his company to create new battery technologies to power the vehicles of the future. He was the principal engineer on one of the first mass-produced lithium-ion batteries in a car and has co-authored some 42 patents.

Humphrey Wrey—Founder + CEO of QuickBus, London
Experience living and working in many African countries informs Humphrey’s current work. His goal is to simplify travel between countries in Africa and provide people with easy-to-use information on pricing and reviews for bus travel.

Jenny Wu—Founder and Principal, Oyler Wu Collaborative, Los Angeles
Jenny’s architectural practice focuses on urban design, infrastructure, products and installations. She also started LACE, a 3D printed luxury jewelry company.

Jordan Davis—Director, Smart Columbus, Columbus
Helping the city of Columbus transition to a Smart City, Jordan is bridging the private and public sectors to create a competitive, prosperous environment for innovation.

Michael Lim—Co-Founder of Xtelligent, Los Angeles
Michael’s work in urban planning, investment banking and developing a city-wide strategy for the future of mobility in Los Angeles supports his current work at a start up focused on connected and autonomous vehicles.

Rahul Gayam—CTO, Gayam Motor Works, Hyderabad
A technologist with experience developing super capacitors and wireless charging, Rahul is working on the development of scalable next generation light electric vehicles.

Tamara Warren—Founder of LeCar, New York
Tamara is applying her years of experience as an automotive and transportation journalist to a start up aimed at empowering women to make informed and confident decisions when buying a car.

Tara Pham—Founder and CEO of Numina, New York
With an eclectic background in arts, urban design, publishing and technology, Tara’s experience influences work developing city-scale data capture and analysis that helps cities become more responsive to residents needs.

Images courtesy of Summit and the Fellows