Crochet Knit Squeaky Toy

Handmade in Annapolis, Maryland by Collette Bream, this dog toy is crocheted with 100% merino wool, using extra strands to increase durability. Shaped like a hot dog, cactus or sausage link, the endearing toy features hypoallergenic stuffing and a squeaker inside.

Hemp Wool Crew Socks

A glorious blend of hemp and Merino wool comprise these crew socks from Jungmaven. Both hemp and wool are naturally odor-resistant, making it difficult for bacteria to grow, and are soft and breathable. The construction is also tougher than cotton, making them ideal for all kinds of outdoor activities. Available in 14 different colors, there’s a hue for all kinds of looks—whether in the country …

Harrier Long Sleeve Running Shirt

Made from odor-resistant merino wool, Tracksmith’s Harrier long-sleeve top comes in six colors and happens to be ultra-soft. Antimicrobial, sweat-wicking, fast-drying and warm, it’s an ideal garment for cycling or jogging in the colder months and is still breathable.