Hemp Mylk Concentrate

Not only is hemp milk among the most sustainable plant milks available, it’s also high in protein and good fats, and low in carbs. Unlike lots of other hemp milks, Goodmylk doesn’t use any additives like binders, fillers or gums—only 100% organic ingredients. Available in two flavors, in packs of two or six, this Hemp Mylk Concentrate is easy to use (just thaw, add water, …

Eclipse Foods’ Plant-Based Ice Cream Launches in the US

Eschewing all common allergens and cow's milk, an equally "creamy" frozen treat

Courtesy of a bit of brilliance and plenty of taste-testing, Eclipse Foods‘ plant-based ice cream launched nationally this week, and certainly passes as dairy, if nobody mentions its ingredients. The Berkeley-based company, founded by plant-based food professionals Thomas Bowman and Aylon Steinhart, seeks to bypass the shortcomings of many dairy-free, nut-based, and even traditional milks by replicating the composition of the best milk from cows …

Limited Edition Pride Pack

With silver, rainbow-flecked glitter gloss (made for lips and/or skin) and an equality temporary tattoo stamp, Milk’s Pride Pack is sheer celebration. All products included are vegan, cruelty- and talc-free. During June, the company is donating 50% of the packs’ sales to The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender Community Center (aka The Center) which offers support, education and events for NYC’s LGBTQ communities.