Simpli Oats

A flavor-neutral milk alternative with the healthful benefits of oats

Simpli-oat-milk.jpg Simpli-Oatshakes.jpg

One of the most exciting finds at the winter 2012 Fancy Food Show came in the form of a non-dairy milk made from oats. Oats? Milk? Yes—and the result outshines other alternatives like soy and almond because of its neutral taste and dairy milk consistency. Plus, Simpli Naked Oat retains many of the vitamin and nutritional qualities of the oats. The beverage is available unsweetened, or lightly sweetened and flavored with vanilla.

Simpli also makes the creamier dairy-free, gluten-free OatShakes, which are available in chocolate and tropical fruit flavors, offering a new snack option that can be served cold or warm. As part of Simpli’s mission to encourage healthy lifestyles, they offer an extensive list of gluten-free baking tips and recipes on their website. Both Simpli Naked Oats and OatShakes are available through Amazon where a 25oz box sells for around $5, and at retailers nationwide.