Bauhaus Edition 01 Trunks

Referencing the simple forms of the beloved German design movement, Timo’s aptly named “Bauhaus Edition 01” swim trunks are bold yet sophisticated. Covered in black, white, green, red and yellow geometric shapes, they feature an elastic waistband and a drawstring. With contrast stitching, these trunks offer a slim but relaxed fit and are made from a quick-dry fabric.

OKOLO Concept Car Illustrations

The Prague-based art collective plays with visionary auto designs and period architecture in an editorial for Proc Ne?! magazine

As every World’s Fair has shown, the future has always been on the cusp of space age in the minds of architects and designers. Prague’s OKOLO art collective recently went back to the future, revisiting some visionary concept designs from decades past for a brilliant illustrated editorial for Proc Ne?! magazine. For the series, OKOLO depicts experimental automobile concepts alongside existing modern architecture, exploring how …

Series “B” Glasses by Josef Hoffmann + Lobmeyr

Beechwood-molded glass with a cubist pedigree

With an eye that favored strict geometric shapes, Josef Hoffmann was in many ways anticipatory of the cubist movement. His fondness for the square was so well-known that the architect and designer earned the nickname Quadrati-Hoffmann (Square Hoffman) among his peers. Perhaps one of the finer examples of Hoffmann’s aesthetic principles is the Series “B” glasses, produced with the iconic glassmaker Lobmeyr. The elegantly styled, …