OKOLO Concept Car Illustrations

The Prague-based art collective plays with visionary auto designs and period architecture in an editorial for Proc Ne?! magazine


As every World’s Fair has shown, the future has always been on the cusp of space age in the minds of architects and designers. Prague’s OKOLO art collective recently went back to the future, revisiting some visionary concept designs from decades past for a brilliant illustrated editorial for Proc Ne?! magazine.


For the series, OKOLO depicts experimental automobile concepts alongside existing modern architecture, exploring how the two fields have influenced each other throughout the 20th century—even when the cars only made it to prototype mode. Minimizing detail and color, each illustration looks more like a blueprint for some impossible edifice on wheels. Combining the Ghia Gilda Streamline X Coupe concept with Enzo Venturelli’s church design (both from 1955) gives a whole new definition to the term “street shark.” And Antonio Sant’Elia’s futuristic designs seem as though they are about to launch the Zeppelin 1914 A.L.F.A. 40/60 HP Aerodinamica straight into space. It’s a well-executed editorial that keeps Jetson dreaming and and intergalactic scheming alive.

Check out the rest of the Proc Ne?! editorial on OKOLO’s blog.

Images courtesy of OKOLO and Proč Ne?!