Pirelli: Innovation and Luxury

The VP of Research and Development on how the team creatively approaches customer demands, technology and design problem solving

Sponsored by Pirelli

Founded in 1872 and represented in over 160 countries, it’s no surprise that when people think of tires they think of Pirelli. Given that tires are integral to a vehicle’s functionality, handling and performance; it’s essential that they’re high quality—and therefore something that all drivers need to think about more. Pirelli is also known for its successful involvement in motorsports, including Formula One, where they …

AMA Supercross

Flying daredevils on two wheels, in an arena-sized dirt circus

This past weekend, iconic Italian tire company Pirelli treated us to one of the greatest shows on earth: the AMA Supercross. Held at New Jersey’s Metlife Stadium, the high-energy event is essentially a very entertaining dirt circus. Tens of thousands of fans fill up stadiums around the country to watch as young men and one woman (Vicki Golden) hurl themselves over dirt jumps as fast …

Aether Horizon Motorcycle Jacket

Functional and with plenty of safety features, this piece doesn't sacrifice aesthetics

Action apparel company Aether—whose ethos is to create the most durable, minimal and modern-minded gear—has just released one of the best motorcycle jackets we’ve had our hands on in some time. Aesthetically, the Horizon is much like Aether’s jacket intended for men (called the Skyline) but upon closer inspection, the Horizon is far from just a “women’s version.” With sealed seams, the three-layer, abrasion-resistant shell …