AMA Supercross

Flying daredevils on two wheels, in an arena-sized dirt circus


This past weekend, iconic Italian tire company Pirelli treated us to one of the greatest shows on earth: the AMA Supercross. Held at New Jersey’s Metlife Stadium, the high-energy event is essentially a very entertaining dirt circus. Tens of thousands of fans fill up stadiums around the country to watch as young men and one woman (Vicki Golden) hurl themselves over dirt jumps as fast as possible—often wearing very little protection other than a helmet, boots and knee pads. The course (dirt and all) is brought in on tractor trailers from arena to arena and is meticulously groomed throughout the event with ruts that are nearly a foot deep.


For those who aren’t familiar, there are heats for the heats in a series of short qualifying rounds before each main event. All of which engage and excite and deliver an experience not quite matched by other two-wheel arena sports. Over the last few years, interest has grown tremendously in the United States, including with televised broadcast. This has brought in outside industry sponsors every year, making perfect sense for Pirelli to join in as they increase their Scorpion line—used by the racers.

For more on Supercross and the finals happening next weekend in Las Vegas, visit their website.

Images by Kate Erwin