Specdrums 2 Rings

A drum kit sized to fit your fingertips, Sphero’s Specdrums 2 Rings are designed to detect colors and play an assigned musical note for each. Simply wear it with the screen facing down and tap everyday objects to make a beat. Whether using the device’s preset library of instrumental sets or recording your own samples, you can make songs during a commute, at your desk …

Disco’s Revenge: House Music

What legendary DJ Frankie Knuckles called “Disco’s Revenge,” house music gathered steam months after Chicago’s “Disco Demolition” in 1979—in which 55,000 fans attended a White Sox baseball game in order to destroy disco records beforehand. They rushed the field, shattered their records, and newspapers proclaimed the death of the genre. The early ’80s, though, saw a rise in house music, which Vox explains was essentially …

An Oral History of Native Instruments

CEO Daniel Haver covers milestones and hilarious anecdotes from the music brand's 20-year existence

“Hey, there’s these two freaks in Berlin. They started this thing. They call it Native Instruments.”