Ototo by Dentaku

Create a multivariable digital musical instrument with virtually anything from bananas to bicycles


We’ve all found ourselves banging out a rhythm with some produce or tapping the keys to an imaginary keyboard on a pile of books—right? Now music creativity has reached ingenious new heights with the Ototo, an all-in-one musical instrument invention kit from London-based studio Dentaku. There’s no need for expert synth skills or a degree in electrical engineering to create inventive instruments with the device. Everything you need is in the box and it couldn’t be easier to use—connect the different keys to conductive materials to create instruments out of anything. Four sensory inputs control pitch, volume and texture, which can be connected to everything from a glass of water to a grapefruit. The combinations are truly endless. Dentaku is producing seven sensor cables that alter sound according to various movements or conditions such as breath or rotation. For full creative output, Ototo is MIDI-compatible and even works with iOS so you can easily store and share your new tunes.

An excellent addition to the collection of experimentally inclined musicians and those who have never picked up an instrument alike, the full Ototo kit with all seven sensors is available for £120 via Kickstarter.

Images courtesy of Dentaku