Works & Process at the Guggenheim To Premiere “Third Bird” From Isaac Mizrahi, Nico Muhly and John Heginbotham

An all-ages homage to the beloved symphonic fairytale Peter and the Wolf—which has been produced as part of the Guggenheim’s performing arts series, Works & Process, since 2007—Third Bird celebrates the individuality of its eight characters by way of nuanced composition and spirited writing. Works & Process will host the world premiere of the astounding 30-minute performance this weekend, which interlaces direction and a libretto by Isaac Mizrahi …

Conversations Book

A dynamic profile through dialogue of one of the most important voices in contemporary music, Conversations places award-winning composer Steve Reich opposite other legendary artistic figures—including Richard Serra, Stephen Sondheim, Jonny Greenwood, Julia Wolf, Nico Muhly and more. Through their time conversing, an element of Reich’s life unfurls for each reader. Available for pre-order now, the Hanover Square Press book publishes 8 March 2022.

Listen Up

A symphonic composition, an eerie ode to love, an unlikely reunion and more music from the week

Seraphina Simone: Skin One of two new tracks from London-based musical artist Seraphina Simone, “Skin” tantalizes with soulful vocals and supportive synths. In a statement, Simone says the track is “about sex and desire,” adding that “I think as women we’re often taught to tame our desires, to make them fit into something that is palatable and acceptable for the male gaze or an outdated …