Girly Drinks: A World History of Women and Alcohol

Between the gender disparity in distilleries and cocktails that are associated with femininity, the culture of drinking has long been patriarchally dictated. Mallory O’Meara’s Girly Drinks forces a reckoning with this gendered divide, shedding light on the overlooked women behind breweries and booze. From an ancient Sumerian beer goddess to the iconic bartender Ada Coleman, this book reveals the feminist history within alcohol.

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Taking a different approach from destination-heavy travel publications like Suitcase Magazine or Wallpaper* City Guides, newcomer [wherever] gets more literary; choosing to gather personal essays on experiences, cultures and politics, loosely tied together by the themes of travel and transience. Founder Rawan Hadid assembles a diverse group of contributors who are storytellers as much as travelers, telling us, “We’re looking for writing that tells the …