[wherever] Magazine

The new print publication's literary approach to travel


Taking a different approach from destination-heavy travel publications like Suitcase Magazine or Wallpaper* City Guides, newcomer [wherever] gets more literary; choosing to gather personal essays on experiences, cultures and politics, loosely tied together by the themes of travel and transience. Founder Rawan Hadid assembles a diverse group of contributors who are storytellers as much as travelers, telling us, “We’re looking for writing that tells the reader about a place, not a ‘destination’ and are interested in all aspects of travel from anxieties to life-changing moments. The idea was to reflect the realities of travel outside the usual tropes and categories of ‘tourist’ or ‘business traveler’ and try to think of travel causes as more of a spectrum than a checkbox.”


We previewed [wherever] issue 1 (which is actually the second issue) and found inside its pages musings on the history of the shoe, North Korea from the eyes of a seasoned tour company CEO, a book review, original illustrations and a lot more. The city guides to Rome, Istanbul and São Paolo could be mistaken for personal journal entries, which is a welcome surprise. Championing the narrative approach, [wherever] has the potential to become a platform for burgeoning creative nonfiction.


Planned to be a thrice yearly publication, [wherever] issue 1 will be available on 12 September and can be purchased for $15 from their website.

Images by Nara Shin