An Illustrated Catalog Of American Fruits & Nuts

From Atelier Editions and The United States Department of Agriculture Pomological Watercolor Collection comes a hardcover archive of 7,497 botanical watercolor paintings of fruits and nuts that were made by various artists in the late 19th to early 20th century. While offering beautiful, botanically accurate artwork, the collection also anthropologically and horticulturally traces the transformation of American fruit cultivation and consumption.

Chocolate-Covered Dragées

At Milla Chocolates, chocolatier Christine Sull Sarioz looks to architectural forms for inspiration, particularly for the shapes of her bonbons and glossy bars. She also makes roasted and caramelized nut dragées with several layers of organic dark chocolate and dusts them with cocoa powder, raspberry, coffee or nuts. Dragées—also known as Jordan almonds—symbolize happiness, health, longevity and wealth. They are a traditional gift or favor …

Mt Rosemary Trail Mix

After pastry chef Sarah Schreckengaust Lange turned her attention to launching Bearclaw Kitchen, she quickly became known for her artisanal granolas layered with wildflower honey or cardamom. But for their delectable Mt Rosemary Trail Mix she pairs rosemary-candied cashews with pumpkin seeds, coconut, dried cranberries, chocolate, and crystallized ginger. This iteration comes in a two-, four-, or 12 ounce bag.