Previewing the 2018 Winter Olympics’ Holland Heineken House

Why the Dutch organize a national house open to the public for every Games

There are fewer than 100 days to go until the opening ceremonies at PyeongChang Olympic Stadium in South Korea—the second time the country has hosted the Olympics, with the last being back in Seoul in 1988. There will be 102 medals up for grabs in winter sports, from luge to the fastest non-mechanical sport in the world, speed skating. And if you’re a Dutch fan …

Link About It: This Week’s Picks

Virgin sharks, President Obama's playlist, Stranger Thing's font and more in our look at the web

1. 1,007 Dancing Robots Set Guinness World Record Sometimes one isn’t aware of Guinness World Record categories until they’ve been broken. This just might be the case surrounding the 1,007 dancing robots that took the title of “most robots dancing simultaneously” at the recently held Qingdao Beer Festival in Shandong, China. The previous record stood at 540 dancing robots and had been set in China …

How Ryan Lochte is Changing the Sport of Swimming

In a very easy-to-understand article, the New York Times explains a seemingly simple (but fascinating) way that 11-time Olympic medalist Ryan Lochte is potentially changing competitive swimming forever. With one clever move in the pool, Lochte apparently shaves a second from his times—and it’s all about the different way he approaches tumble-turns in freestyle races. Find out his tricks at the NY Times.