Mac Premo’s 2014 Year in Review

A clever, comedic short highlighting milestones and madness month by month

For a year riddled with milestones, tragedies and epic world events, many of the most important moments will fade from memory and get muddled with time. Thankfully, Brooklyn-based artist and “stuff-makerMac Premo co-wrote, directed, shot and edited a clever year in review video that tackles most things major, one month at a time. Thoughtful, spot on and at times laugh out loud funny, it’s two and a half well-spent minutes—visualized in a way only Premo can muster. From a chalkboard depiction Ebola spreading continents to the notion that Brazil lost their World Cup game so severely to avert eyes from their corruption scandals, it’s a real sizzler. While many of the issues are distressing, the video remains enjoyable as montage, collage, reenactment and animations unite to help us remember what all went down.

Screenshots courtesy of Mac Premo