Ixtlali Candleholders

Casa Verónica’s ceramic Ixtlali Candleholders pay tribute to the Mexican drip-glaze technique, where multicolored swatches of paint cascade downward. Handmade and two inches tall, each of these mesmerizing holders is one of a kind and and finished with an interior and exterior gloss.

Chrysanthemum Bowl

Australian artist Kate Rhode (represented by Pieces of Eight Gallery in Melbourne and Culture Object in NYC) creates wildly colorful, playful objects with resin. With an appearance like an artifact from a fairytale, each unique Chrysanthemum Bowl has been hand-cast in food-safe resin and whether in use or not it adds whimsy to a room. Price is in AUD.

Transforming Vintage Pieces, the Hus-Hus + Linder Collaboration

Injecting bold color into fur coats, military pants and more with hand-embroidery and painting

The Linder boutique in NYC has become a haven for all genders seeking that je ne sais quoi. There’s an in-house collection of luxe basics (think high-waisted gold corduroy pants and oversized silk sweaters) plus pieces from like-minded brands such as Études, French leather-makers Chapal, Britain’s Tender Co, and now—a very special collaboration between Linder and art/clothing label Hus-Hus. Camilla Engstrom and Kirk Millar met …