Transforming Vintage Pieces, the Hus-Hus + Linder Collaboration

Injecting bold color into fur coats, military pants and more with hand-embroidery and painting

The Linder boutique in NYC has become a haven for all genders seeking that je ne sais quoi. There’s an in-house collection of luxe basics (think high-waisted gold corduroy pants and oversized silk sweaters) plus pieces from like-minded brands such as Études, French leather-makers Chapal, Britain’s Tender Co, and now—a very special collaboration between Linder and art/clothing label Hus-Hus.

Camilla Engstrom and Kirk Millar met years ago in school—roommates for a few of those years—and since graduating, have followed individual yet parallel paths of creative work. Engstrom is the artist behind Hus-Hus (whose uniquely shaped candle caught our eye earlier this year), creating art-driven apparel and objects. Millar, a designer, founded Linder first as a studio with artist Sam Linder in 2013 and has seen it expand to the showroom and store.

“There was a point where it was almost an obvious match to work together,” says Millar, “The collection is definitely a departure from what we have done in the past”—noting that it’s a first for them to incorporate vintage clothing. “The pieces themselves are quite neutral and, at times, dark but then the work Camilla and her team put into them were really strong primary colors, and bold shapes which completely changed the feeling.” Engstrom tells CH, “Since I’m a painter, I treated each garment as a new canvas. That’s why they look pretty different from each other. I think I’m drawn to work with clothing because I love the fact that whoever buys a piece that I made basically wears a piece of art. They’re all one of a kind. I want my work to be seen on people out on the streets and in social settings, etc. Of course I love to see my paintings in peoples homes but it is different. Not sure how to explain it.” Engstrom’s human touch—from bright blue tassels hanging on the back of a fur coat to hieroglyphics-like patterns and body parts—make the storied pieces feel reborn.

Shop the unique collaboration from Linder online, or visit their brick-and-mortar location in NYC at 128 Thompson St.

Images courtesy of Linder