Ten Delectable Chocolate Treats That Defy Expectation

From the utterly odd to the refreshingly simple, welcome variations on standard issue bars

We believe chocolate goods can be assessed by a succinct set of criteria: the amount of ingredients they employ, which state of cacao they use as their basis, and the inventiveness of the accoutrements. While chocolate purveyors adhering to fair trade certifications and committing only to all-natural ingredients and no additives, used to be few and far between, those that impress with quality and conscience …

Jackson, Wyoming-Inspired Caldera + Lab Skincare

Within the brand's all-natural serum, regional ingredients come to life

Caldera + Lab co-founders (and couple) Stacy Keibler and Jared Pobre were splitting their time between Los Angeles and Jackson, Wyoming when the idea for a direct-to-consumer skincare line for men took form. It came in response to the needs of individuals—like Pobre—spending time outdoors in dry, harsher climates. Years of research and development went into their debut product, THE GOOD—an all-natural, non-toxic face serum …

Non-Toxic Pillow

Vegan and handmade, Avocado’s non-toxic pillows are crafted from multiple layers of materials approved by the Global Organic Latex Standard and Global Organic Textile Standard. Certified organic latex provides structure while Kapok fill offers comfort and a cotton cover wraps it all up. These pillows also keep cool and feel smooth to the touch.