MONK Provisions’ Handcrafted Drinking Botanicals

Tasty cannabis-infused beverages that offer a variety of effects and dosages

Made with wellness in mind, MONK Drinking Botanicals are THC- and CBD-infused elixirs that are handcrafted using only the best sustainably-sourced herbs, terpenes and freshly pressed juices. Available in a variety of dosage options and cannabinoid combination, the shrubs and juices are made with organic ingredients and aim to help ease pain, inflammation, anxiety and even convulsions.

As promised, the CBD-only infused beverages don’t create a psychoactive effect and are great for various physical afflictions. Whereas the THC-infused drinks provided an uplifting, euphoric feeling that lasted several hours. Importantly, of course, the flavors are delicious and sophisticated—from turmeric and lemon to rosemary and orange peel, they taste healthy, fresh and not like they’re attempting to mask or hide anything by being overly sweet, sour or bitter.

Currently in five flavors, MONK Drinking Botanicals are only available in certain states.

Images courtesy of MONK