Studio Ayaskan’s GROWTH Planter

An origami-like pot that grows with your plant

It’s safe to say that there are plenty of eye-catching planters on the market. That said, there’s nothing quite like London-based Studio Ayaskan’s new concept, GROWTH. More than just exquisite geometric patterning, the pot actually unfolds and grows as the plant it holds blooms and its roots extend. This is not the first company to offer this, but the origami-like nature of the piece sets …

Umut Yamac’s Perch Light

The architect's perfectly balanced, origami-inspired paper light

Architect and designer Umut Yamac’s Perch Light is an intriguing, playful piece of design. The stylized bird-shaped light sits still on its perch until you pass it, or a draft sets it in motion: then the bird gracefully swings, dipping back and forth whilst staying illuminated. The interactive quality of the kinetic light is one of the things that makes it so appealing; but the …


Seamless origami bags in lissome leather

A new collection of leather bags from NYC’s The Little House incorporates origami stylings for a seamless design. Each of the three pieces that make up the FHOLD series use a single piece of supple leather that is riveted for structure. A bit reminiscent of the 132 5. collection by Issey Miyake, the bags toy with geometry and minimalism using remarkably soft materials.