Coaster Inflatable Kayak

California-based gear brand Retrospec is dedicated to making the outdoors more appealing to everyone, and their puncture-proof Coaster inflatable kayaks do exactly that. With a compact and portable design, the Coaster makes getting into and out of the water easier. It features paddles, a dual-action pump, removable fins, a carry bag, rear and front bungees to store extra gear and space for pets. The Coaster …

Crafter Trouser Pro

From two-year-old Swedish company Garphyttan, the Crafter Trouser Pro are durable, practical work pants made from a water-repellent and flexible fabric blend of cotton, polyester and elastane. With plenty of pockets for tools and sleeves for inserting (and holding in place) knee-pads, these pants are perfect for gardening, household chores and camping. They’re available in five colors, but our pick is the green.

Holiday Gift Guides 2021: The Great Outdoors

Equipment and apparel for all your outside adventures

Over the past couple years, we have spent more and more time at our desks, on our phones and indoors in general. But the importance of getting outside cannot be understated—for the body and the mind. Whether your idea of an outdoor sport is walking to the park on a cold morning, cycling to the beach or camping for days in the wilderness, there’s plenty …