Mosaic Plate

Chell Fish is Brooklyn-based artist Michele Mirisola’s ceramics project, and from it comes a series of mosaic plates. Reminiscent of antique oyster plates and inspired by the forms of seashells, these handmade pieces are suffused with whimsy. They come in different shape and artwork variations but all are a unique way to serve oysters—or anything else.

Link About It: This Week’s Picks

Astounding images of space, environmentally conscious oyster farmers, hip-hop's contribution to HIV activism and more

Photographer Barbara Iweins Documented All 12,795 Objects She Owns A vibrator, a mold of teeth and metal combs to extract head lice: these are just some of the 12,795 objects that photographer Barbara Iweins captured when she set out to document every item she owns. The project, which is covered in the book Katalog and distilled into an accompanying exhibit of the same name at Rencontres …

Environmentally Conscious Oyster Farmers Find Plastic Alternatives

In an effort to use less plastic and remove plastic waste from waterways, environmentally conscious oyster farmers are turning to (and back to, in some cases) wood, metal, cork and even mushrooms to reduce damage to waterways. Modern Farmer interviewed three aquaculture professionals—Abby Barrows of Long Cove Sea Farm, Eric Oransky of Maine Ocean Farms and Jennifer Scappatura Harrington of Rhode Island-based Quonnie Siren Oysters—about …