Waved Swim Shorts

Pieter “Parra” Janssen’s colorful curves and post-pop imagery translate to multicolored apparel and, even more fittingly, swim shorts from the Dutch artist’s own clothing brand, By Parra. These 100% nylon trunks feature a soft mesh inner, rear pockets with closures, patch panels and, of course, Parra’s signature waves.

Backwards Towel

From Dutch artist Parra (aka Pieter Janssen), this 100% cotton jacquard towel features a depiction of a woman dramatically curved over a bike, traveling backward. Available in indigo or pink, each side of the accessory is an inversion of the other.

Musical Chairs Umbrella

Parra’s “Musical Chairs” umbrella is a playful guard against wet, woeful weather. Heavy-duty framework and a faux leather handle anchor the construction, making this durable against heavy rain and gusty winds, and the pattern is undeniably Parra—with his beaky-nosed figures covering the piece.