Portico Rug

Hand-knotted in Nepal, utilizing a Tibetan crossweave process with a wool loop detail, Eskayel’s made-to-order portico rug can be customized in size, color and material specifications. Organic edges and a flow of colorful accents make each charming and distinct. Rugs take three to five months to produce, depending on their size. The price below is for a portico rug measuring three by eight feet.

Printed Denim + Accessories by LolaFaturotiLoves

Produced in partnership with Resonance's create.ONE platform, a colorful collection by the Nigeria-born designer Lola Faturoti

Ondo, Nigeria-born designer Lola Faturoti’s LolaFaturotiLoves line began many years ago with an idea for eclectic, vibrantly printed denim. But printing ink on denim requires far too much water, so Faturoti had to explore her options. Recently, she learned of a new opportunity that would allow her to print garments on demand, using the colorful designs she’s always adored. Through a partnership with Resonance and …

Abroad Amalgamates Arabic Tradition and American Streetwear

Apparel adorned with a Saudi Arabian pattern traditionally reserved for older women

Abdulrahman Aldossry (aka NAN) founded clothing line Abroad with his childhood friend, Tony Fallatah. The two grew up in Riyadh, the capital city of Saudi Arabia, share what they call an “uncommon interest” in their home country and both fell in love with streetwear while studying in the USA, at a university in Pittsburgh. Abroad’s first collection, Taboo, incorporates an Arabic fabric known as Shalki—a …