Pax 3 Vaporizer

Most vaporizing devices are either for flower or extract. The Pax 3, however, can handle both. While the form of Pax’s vaporizer has remained the same with each iteration, the technology is constantly upgraded. In addition to its dual-use functionality this third version has better temperature management, longer battery life and elegant color choices.

PAX Lab’s Two Next-Generation Vapes

An entirely new vapor platform for cannabis concentrates, and a new dual-use system

Anyone familiar with PAX‘s previous range of vaporizers understands the impact they’ve had on the smoking community. Thus far, they’ve coupled a tech-forward vaporization experience with an elegant design-driven product. We’ve been fans forever, despite the fact that we’ve only used their products for unintended reasons. Today’s release of PAX Lab‘s two new devices finally addresses head on that their customers like to use PAX …