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PAX Lab’s Two Next-Generation Vapes

An entirely new vapor platform for cannabis concentrates, and a new dual-use system

Anyone familiar with PAX‘s previous range of vaporizers understands the impact they’ve had on the smoking community. Thus far, they’ve coupled a tech-forward vaporization experience with an elegant design-driven product. We’ve been fans forever, despite the fact that we’ve only used their products for unintended reasons. Today’s release of PAX Lab‘s two new devices finally addresses head on that their customers like to use PAX vaporizers to smoke marijuana. The PAX 3, a development from last year’s PAX 2 release, heightens customization options and has the option to vaporize oils in addition to flowers. The Pax Era, however, is exclusively dedicated to heightening the experience of consuming cannabis oils.

The Pax Era flouts the rules of more common “pen” products. In lieu of threaded cartridges, the Era features a proprietary Era Pod system—which one can replace at dispensaries in certain states. PAX claims the pods, which are composed of food-grade polycarbonate, react to the heat-control technology of the device allowing for a much more consistent vapor and, in turn, a fuller flavor. They snap into the Era easily, based on the brand’s SimpleClick design. We were able to demo the system, but alas being in NYC, there’s no legal option product available so our cartridges were filled with a basic flavored oil. The tactile experience was great, though. The Era is lightweight, feels good in the hand and fits nicely in a pocket.

In California select dispensaries will stock PAX Era pods filled exclusively with high-quality, naturally extracted cannabis oil from Bloom Farms. There are three expressions available—Indica, Sativa and a hybrid of the two. In Colorado the partner farm is The Lab. A single PAX Era pod is reported to have a volume of oil that lasts about as long as an eighth of an ounce of marijuana would last.

With the PAX 3, the company brings updates to their flagship product that offer even more versatility. The PAX 3 handles both loose-leaf material and oil concentrate by way of different removable ovens. There’s the full-size, a half-pack and their new concentrate oven. Along with all that, much loved features like gesture control and an internal accelerometer remain intact (including the LED interface).

Both devices are BlueTooth enabled. This means firmware can be updated down the line, but more important, it pairs with the PAX Vapor app (for iOS and Android, out on 29 September), a tool for true customization. The app will grant users the ability to control—down to a degree—the temperature setting of the Era. This directly impacts volume and, again, flavor. For both devices, it allows for LED customization and access to games. More planned features will roll out this year. But while both devices and the app demonstrate the tech savvy of the PAX Lab, the real development here does come in the acknowledgement, however subtle, that weed culture must directly impact the future of vaping. And with that, PAX is ahead of the curve.

Pre-order both online now, with the

Pax Era selling for $60 (with a California and Colorado delivery expected 29 September), and the PAX 3 (available in four colorways) retailing for $275, expected in mid-October.

Images courtesy of PAX


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