Zero Waste Placemat

Sold in a set of four, these placemats—like all of Intiearth’s wares—champion Peru’s indigenous materials and techniques while caring for the planet. Crafted from vintage frazada textiles and 100% wool, each bold zero-waste mat features a unique, lively pattern.

Word of Mouth: The Peruvian Triangle

High altitudes, stunning vistas, markets, museums and more

Peru’s vast wealth of historical sites has never been much of a secret. There’s the bucket list-crowning Machu Picchu, but between the Andean Mountains and the Pacific Coast are three must-visit regions. Within, you’ll discover two culture-packed metropolises with outstanding culinary gems, museum collections with millennia-spanning artifacts, and hotels inspired by the significance of their surroundings. Here, we trace a triangle of sorts to craft …

21 Seasonal Coffee

From perhaps the most transparent coffee purveyor on market, Coffee Manufactory, comes a seasonal release: 100% Peru Roger Chilcon Flores. Full bodied and packed with rich notes of plum, blackberry, clove and dark chocolate, these beans will consistently deliver a delicious cup—and you can trace them back to the very farm from which they were sourced.