Krochet Kids #KnowWhoMadeIt Campaign

A 24-hour "Name Your Price, Define Your Impact” program from the transparent apparel brand


Every item produced by California-based Krochet Kids comes complete with the signature of its maker. The brand offers men’s, women’s and children’s clothing and accessories that have been handmade by women in Peru and Uganda—empowered by the non-profit and the community of artisans it fosters. Launching on 19 November 2014, a new campaign called #knowwhomadeit allows shoppers of the site not only to declare their own price for a wide array of the products, but also to see how the money they pay directly impacts the community.

KrochetKidsKNOW-01.jpg KrochetKidsKNOW-02.jpg

Name Your Price, Define Your Impact” isn’t a sale—it’s transparency. With proceeds equipping the individuals who made the products, this is a test of buyers’ interest in the myriad definitions of value. Krochet Kids products (also available at Urban Outfitters, Whole Foods and Zumiez) manage to be both top quality and affordable. And with an initiative such as this, the team aims to increase awareness around not only their beautifully designed items, but also the people whose hands pull it all together.

The program commences online at 9AM PST on 19 November 2014.

Images courtesy of Krochet Kids