Power Bank

Whether Snachatting, catching Pokemon, emailing or actually calling people, a power bank for your smartphone is an essential. The new Dubleup designs do exactly what you think, but they are super-slim and lightweight—and they’re the size of a credit card. Complete with a built-in lightning cable, these gadgets are available for iPhone and Android and come in three colorways: gold, black or silver. Price is …

Danboard Mini Power Plus

Say hello to the Cheero charger, a little block of iPhone juice to keep your device alive. Beneath the smiling face of a Japanese character called Danboard is enough power to charge your phone 2.5 times before needing a reboot, and its two jacks allow for two-at-a-time charging.

Key Cable

The Key Cable for iPhone packages a handy, on-the-go charger into an elegant French knot that attaches to your keys. About the size of a bouncy ball and available in three colors—zebra, coral and marine blue—the durable TPE and nylon fob connects a universal USB with your phone to plug in anywhere.