Orée Pebble 2 Wireless Charger and Speaker

Boost your phone's battery and make hands-free calls with a solid piece of wood or stone

Oree-Pebble2-1.jpg oree-pebble2-2.jpg

As what may very well be the first product to combine a bluetooth speaker and microphone with a wireless smartphone charging station, French maker of wood- and stone-based technology products, Orée, introduces the Pebble 2. Made in southern France using high-quality solid wood and hand-finished stone, the Pebble 2 uses bluetooth and standard Qi technology to connect with and wirelessly power most Android devices. iPhones (which are not embedded with this technology) can be wirelessly charged via Orée’s walnut and leather Power Sleeve.


A follow-up to the Pebble—the company’s first wireless charger—this second iteration introduces a 360-degree speaker and microphone, making it useful for music streaming and hands-free conference calls. Wrapped in a shell of solid wood or stone, the Pebble is attractive, functional and efficient. And wouldn’t it be nice to never need a charging cord again?

Visit the Pebble 2 Kickstarter for more on the new product from Orée.

Images courtesy of Orée