Digital Photo Storage Made Easy with Bevy

All your images from all your devices in one safe, organized place

As much as technology is (by definition) meant to make our lives easier, there’s no doubt that it can also make for a few headaches. With so many camera-clad digital devices, our daily visual diaries and precious memories can become a jumbled and daunting collection of images that can easily spiral out of control. Throw in a family of five or so—all with smartphones and …

Do You Know Where Your Photos Are?

The numbers in this photo-taking and storing infographic might just boggle your mind


Since our interview with Lyve founder Tim Bucher about the current state—and future—of photo management, we’ve been increasingly fascinated by the concept. From the hundreds of images on your phone, to those sitting in an unmarked folder on your desktop, to the countless others on various social media platforms, hard drives and who knows where else, most people’s photos live all over the place. The …