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Digital Photo Storage Made Easy with Bevy

All your images from all your devices in one safe, organized place


As much as technology is (by definition) meant to make our lives easier, there’s no doubt that it can also make for a few headaches. With so many camera-clad digital devices, our daily visual diaries and precious memories can become a jumbled and daunting collection of images that can easily spiral out of control. Throw in a family of five or so—all with smartphones and digital cameras—and you’ve got a perfect storm of JPEGs. The latest photo storage solution—debuting today 18 February 2015—is the simplicity-focused Bevy from Boston-based Lineage Labs. Designed with access, organization and security in mind, the compact box draws on cloud-based storage and hardware starting at one terabyte. “Our model is based on the realization that this digital content is the most valuable digital content in people’s lives, so we’ve taken this hybrid approach,” says CEO Firdaus Bhathena. “Bevy is the centralized hub in the home and at the same time it connects transparently to the cloud, which is great for back-up and access.”

“There was a time when it was easy to keep track of photos, but today with the multitude of devices it’s hard to keep track,” Bhathena says. “It’s time for a simple but powerful solution that does everything that everyone wants to do with their photos: organize, protect and enjoy them—and not just for the individual.” Through the designated app, multiple users can add, edit and view images with an equally user-friendly interface via mobile, tablet or desktop. Images can then be organized according to any meta-data that accompanies the file, from the device it was taken on, to the date or location. Instead of making image organization a frightening task that requires serious desk time, Bhathena and CMO Nancy Smith insisted on multi-device editing capability—meaning instead of crushing candy, you can chip away at sorting out your vacation photos from last spring.

Now available for pre-order, a one terabyte Bevy unit starts at $349 with cloud storage pricing around $5 per month. Delivery is expected for early October 2015.

Images courtesy of Lineage Labs


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