Nothing Left but Healing

A 71-person group book celebrating Pomegranate Press—a Richmond, Virginia-based independent publishing house for contemporary photography, writing and more—Nothing Left but Healing features a plethora of different pieces across its 150 pages. Within the smyth-sewn book are alluring portraits, microphotography, landscapes and more enchanting works.

Link About It: This Week’s Picks

Photographing the Milky Way, using lava as a building material, studying alien signals and more from around the web

New Study Sheds Light on 45-Year-Old Alien Signal Mystery On 15 August 1977 at 10:16PM EST, Ohio State University’s Big Ear radio telescope scanned the Sagittarius constellation and detected a signal that was 20 times stronger than average, background emissions. When astronomer Jerry Ehman reviewed the findings the next morning, he wrote “Wow!” next to it, unknowingly naming the signal and its subsequent mystery. Since …

2022 Milky Way Photographer of The Year Winners

Every year, travel publication Capture the Atlas gathers images of the Milky Way taken from around the world. The photos attest to how cameras open up a myriad of worlds invisible to the naked eye and showcase the stunning beauty found in nature, bolstered by photographers’ skills for composition, lighting and creativity. This year’s winning images include a starry night alighting the yardang-shaped eroded hills …