Home Bank

Tokyo-based Ryo Kashiwazaki’s label Hender Scheme has become known for its thoughtfully designed shoes—many of which are crafted from natural, un-dyed leather. Kashiwazaki gives the same attention to this Home Bank made from raw cow leather. It’s a beautiful place to drop your loose change and, on those “rainy days,” it’s simple to take coins out without breaking it at all.

Six Piggy Banks for Adults

Alternatives to the traditional pig format to add a little flair to saving

Tax Day is looming closer and closer. It’s another annual reminder to be aware of our purchases and expenses. Whether writing out a check or receiving a big refund, it’s also a great time to get saving, starting with that small change that always seems to slip underneath couch cushions or collect dust in a junk drawer. Wondering why most piggy banks seemed to be …