Six Piggy Banks for Adults

Alternatives to the traditional pig format to add a little flair to saving

Tax Day is looming closer and closer. It’s another annual reminder to be aware of our purchases and expenses. Whether writing out a check or receiving a big refund, it’s also a great time to get saving, starting with that small change that always seems to slip underneath couch cushions or collect dust in a junk drawer. Wondering why most piggy banks seemed to be designed with kids in mind—we scoped out more grown up alternatives that eschew the traditional format. While a plain Mason jar will suffice, there’s no harm in gathering your loose change in an attractive container that adds some flair (and fun) to saving.

arhoj-orb-porcelain-bank.jpg standing-vertical-coin-bank-revol-design.jpg
Porcelain Orb

The Copenhagen-via-Tokyo studio Arhoj merges Scandinavian simplicity with Japanese tradition to create handmade pieces (usually from clay and glaze) that exude a human quality. Designer Anders Arhoj has refined his original stoneware orb coin bank in a new porcelain version. “I was experimenting with balancing a sphere upon a flat surface without flattening the bottom. And so I discovered that plugging a cork stopper into a hole in the bottom, thereby lifting it up, allowed the sphere to almost look like it was floating. It reminded me of a fortuneteller’s crystal orb, hence its name,” Arhoj tells CH. Available in five colors, the smooth hand-cast orbs (which take around three weeks to make) are splashed with a thick glaze that runs down the sides. Thankfully, you’ll never have to smash it; the cork stopper that the orb rests on is also the exit route for all your change. 299DKK (around $55).

Standing Vertical Coin Bank

San Diego-based Nathan Tobiason of Revol Design wanted to create a structure that would put the various colors and sizes of coins on full display. The vertical coin bank piles coins between two sheets of clear acrylic—somewhat reminiscent of an old-school arcade game—so you can visualize your savings and watch it “grow.” The banks not only come in three different sizes, but there are also wall-hanging versions available. $125 and up.

cambio-coin-bank-wood-burl.jpg piggy-bank-white-ceramic.jpg
Cambio Coin Bank

Bookend? Doorstop? Thwart potential robbers by tucking your coins away in this modern wood sculpture designed by Libby Schrum, who creates custom furniture for clientele. The Cambio, made from Baltic birch plywood, has a slot at the top and a removable bottom; its simple function and aesthetic draw from Early American antique furniture as well as mid-century modern style. $90 and up.

Pour Ma Retraite

French designer Ionna Vautrin—who’s worked with Camper, Foscarini, Christian Dior and more—creates an elegant coin bank that would cause triple takes. Resembling a minimalist shark fin, the unusual shape begs to be touched. The perforated edge is an interesting touch, meant to be broken off once Pour Ma Retraite (which translates to “for my retirement”) is filled up—but it will leave a permanent hole once you do. Available in black or white, in two different sizes. €29 (about $40) and up.

memory-piggy-bank-1.jpg rocket-coin-bank-scott-nelles-etsy.jpg
Memory Bank

Not quite a pig but almost, Speechless Studios’ Memory Bank is more like a treasure chest than a piggy bank. The vessel features extra long slots so more than just coins can be housed inside; everything from concert tickets to love letters to To-Do lists will fit—proving the value of memories over dollars. Riches can be easily retrieved from the corked hole at the bottom of the bank. $75.

Rocket Bank

Even though we’ve long abandoned our dreams to become an astronaut, this sand-cast bronze rocket coin bank reminds adults of the magic and wonder of the vast expanse of space. Save up for your next exciting—albeit not galactic—adventure by slipping coins into this retro sculpture. $92.

Images courtesy of respective designers