Pig Mountain 2013

Live high on the hog at a punk-inspired feast in the Catskills

Pack your bags this month for Narrowsburg, New York and make a weekend out of Pig Mountain‘s annual pig roast on 24 August 2013. This is the event’s third year of pig roasting and it looks to be getting bigger and bigger. There will be a projected 2,500 attendees this year and 14 pigs cooked by 14 New York City chefs. An event that started …

Vermont Smoke and Cure

Delicious made from scratch meats from artisinal processors

Bursting with flavor, Vermont Smoke and Cure‘s maple-brined bacon, smoked pepperoni and other all natural pork products are the upshot of slow gastronomy. Beginning with pigs that were raised without any antibiotics or animal by products, the small batch producers employ time consuming processes to create their delicious meats. Such as the summer sausages, made using an old fashioned method that requires 12 full hours …

Mangalica Ham

Traditional ham made from the Hungarian "sheep pig" comes to the United States