Pig Mountain 2013

Live high on the hog at a punk-inspired feast in the Catskills


Pack your bags this month for Narrowsburg, New York and make a weekend out of Pig Mountain‘s annual pig roast on 24 August 2013. This is the event’s third year of pig roasting and it looks to be getting bigger and bigger. There will be a projected 2,500 attendees this year and 14 pigs cooked by 14 New York City chefs. An event that started out as a punk show in a basement, Pig Mountain is now every foodie’s dream.

For the big event, the Pig Mountain team digs a pit in which the pigs—each wrapped in banana leaves for the ultimate flavor—are roasted. Plus, it’s all accompanied by dozens of the chefs’ favorite veggie dishes. Drinks from this year’s bartender are to be imbibed.


Co-founders Heather Carlucci and Matthew Solomon started Pig Mountain to cook and drink together—the one rule was: “Respect the pig.” As children on the ’70s and ’80s, Heather and Matthew jumped at the opportunity to throw a punk show as the local farmers actually had a band. Each year, the same band plays and the festival is centered around the punk, DIY philosophy—with attendees bringing their own equipment and oftentimes sleeping on whatever they can find. Carlucci explains that the visitors are expected to “step it up to have an awesome time,” because it’s all about feasting and friends and not about the amenities or free swag. Each year, more and more friends and strangers dropped by to feast—vegetarians and carnivores alike. Last year, more than 1,000 people joined the roast and the chefs have returned year after year, while new ones are added.

pig-mountain-1.jpg pig-mountain-2.jpg

Pig Mountain looked to the creative team at Mother NY to help spread the word this year, and the upshot is an entertaining take on the festival’s boisterous beginning and annual guest of honor. Punk-inspired pig stickers, horoscopes, a rocking double-disc soundtrack and more make up the informative press pack, which is rounded out by a humorous promo video. The Pig Mountain website is also set up to help attendees experience the feast’s locale in full, with tips about where to stay and nearby points of interest. The list spans camp grounds, B&Bs, antique shops and more.


The weekend is big for local business; the roast takes place in downtown Narrowsburg and all the pigs come from local farms. In hopes of helping small farmers get on their feet, a portion of Pig Mountain proceeds go to the National Young Farmers Coalition. Head to the Pig Mountain website to get your $30 ticket.

Images courtesy of Pig Mountain