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Third Drawer Down

Pin Badge Set


Featuring David Shrigley’s specific brand of off-kilter humor, this set of five badges will delight fans of the Scottish artist. All in Shrigley’s familiar lettering, the badges display the following designs: Ploys Holp …

Pronoun Pins


With they/them, ze/zir, she/her and he/him options, Gamut has made preferred pronoun pins that look more sophisticated than many we’ve seen. These black and gold pins politely request which pronouns the wearer …

Daniel Quasar

Progress Pride Flag Enamel Pin


An inclusive development of the rainbow Pride flag that incorporates the necessary representation of queer people of color and transgender individuals, Daniel Quasar’s “Progress” initiative pin more accurately reflects the LGBTQ+ community. …

Haus of Nope

Reading is Fundamental Enamel Pin


Handmade in Brooklyn, Haus of Nope’s one-inch “Reading is Fundamental” enamel pin is a visual reminder that everybody has the right learn to read, and have access to books. From each sale, …

“As I Am” Pin


Right to the point, Poketo’s colorful “As I Am” lapel pin is made to celebrate you as you are. Plus, for the month of June, 50% of the proceeds from sales with …

Word for Word

“Social Alert” Buttons


With all kinds of excellent PSAs, Word for Word’s Social Alert buttons let everybody know what’s up. Each costs between $2 and $4, are colorful and simple—stating everything from “Queer” to “Homo” …

“Keep Going” Pin


A very simple message on a pin: Keep Going. Not only is it a little daily motivation for all kinds of tasks, but it’s an essential reminder that we need to continue …

Prince Purple Rain Tribute Pin


With hard purple enamel and gold plating, this tribute pin for the iconic musical mastermind Prince carries plenty of personality with a luxe edge—much like the man himself. Music fans have long …