Take a Closer Look at These Instagrammers

From artists to designers and photographers, these people pay attention to detail

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We all spend hours trawling though Instagram and—between the memes and celebrity style feeds—there are some incredibly inspiring, creative and thoughtful people who are making the platform better. We’re taking the opportunity to shine a little spotlight on some of our favorite Instagrammers—from bright knitwear to emotionally supportive art to gorgeous interior designers and more. The theme that ties each of these profiles together is multi-faceted: not only are each of these individuals talented at capturing enticing images, they are also tied together via a strong attention to detail. Thanks to Warby Parker‘s new fall 2016 collection, whose theme is “Things That Reward a Closer Look,” we want to share some of the gifted people we think are worth following.

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Annie Larson, All Knitwear

Creating each of her pieces on a made-to-order basis, Annie Larson is a scrupulous, self-taught designer and maker. Seoul-born, Wisconsin-raised, Larson now lives in NYC and has her knitwear stocked all over the world—from Macau to Sydney and London. We love her off-center designs, colorful palette and cheery vibe. Follow her on Instagram.

Tyler Spangler, Designer

Tyler Spangler is a freelance designer whose work is bright and psychedelic and meticulously created. Having exhibited his trippy, powerful work all over—from South Korea to the UK and Sweden—Spangler’s work appeals to all kinds of art enthusiasts. He has also worked with various impressive brands, bands and publications—including OutKast and Dazed & Confused Mag. Follow him on Instagram.

Adam J. Kurtz, Artist + Designer

Brooklyn-based Adam J. Kurtz is an artist and designer whose work knows no bounds—from balloons to lapel pins to books, Kurtz has made charming versions of each. Not only focused on details in his craft, Kurtz also gets into the nitty gritty places inside his own emotions and anxieties—sharing them through his art in a way that is entirely relatable, endearing and darkly humorous. Follow him on Instagram.

Tobi Shinobi, Photographer

Tobi Shinobi is a photographer who lives in London and pays serious attention to details in architecture—patterns, lines, angles, silhouettes and shadows all play significant roles in his gorgeous, structured work. His meticulous approach means that every image he posts has lots of pinch-to-zoom layers and details warranting a deeper view. Follow him on Instagram.

Caitlin Dowe-Sandes, Designer

We were immediately drawn to Caitlin Dowe-Sandes’ Popham Design Studio thanks to the patterns and subtle, inviting hues. The Marrakech-based company makes stunning contemporary handmade concrete tiles that are more than wall-coverings—they are artworks themselves. Even better, Popham also provides fair employment, which helps keep Morocco’s artisans employed, tradition respected and culture honored. Follow her on Instagram.

Warby Parker

We have been fans of NYC-based eyewear and sunglasses makers Warby Parker since their inception. In part for their easy-to-wear and durable specs and also because with each pair sold Warby distributes a pair to a person in need. (Not to mention their consistent innovation in customer service, retail design and clever collaborations.) Unlike many brands out there, Warby’s Instagram isn’t just dull product shots, they include all kinds of design inspiration—from shots of gloomy NYC to stunning interiors, landscapes, public art and architecture. It’s no wonder that some of these inspirations make their way into the brand’s design—from structurally interesting shapes to bold colorways. The new fall 2016 collection rewards a closer look thanks to 18-karat white gold plate and 24-karat gold plate contrasting with bold acetate for striking designs. Follow them on Instagram.

Images courtesy of respective Instagrammers, hero image courtesy of Warby Parker