Exoplanet Orbiting The Nearest Star To Our Solar System Discovered

An exoplanet (an Earth-like body that orbits a star that isn’t our Sun) has been discovered orbiting Proxima Centauri—the nearest star to our solar system. Found using the European Southern Observatory’s Very Large Telescope (ESO’s VLT) which is located in Chile, the exoplanet—called Proxima d—could be significant, as it orbits Proxima Centauri’s habitable zone, where “it’s not too warm nor too cold for liquid water …

Planet Plush Keyring

Imbued with Misaki Kawai’s bold and playful style, this plush keyring is colorful, textured and sweet. The fluffy planet has been embroidered with the word “home” in Kawai’s trademark, childlike lettering. While it doesn’t resemble Earth, or even another familiar planet, it’s a nod to the idea that home isn’t a place, but a feeling.

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ONE School’s Fall Semester 2021 Applications Open Founded by Oriel Davis-Lyons (who has worked at Spotify, R/GA and Droga5) and The One Club for Creativity, ONE School provides free portfolio courses for Black creatives. They’re taking applications for the fall 2021 semester (two nights a week for 16 weeks) during which students—who don’t need any advertising experience—will be given 10 briefs, taught by some of …