Terracotta + Sage Check Planter

Australian designer and horticulturalist Lauren Brown crafts handmade cotton canvas planters using water-based paint and local materials for her eponymous online shop. From it comes the Terracotta + Sage check planter, a playful and functional way to house greenery and cover up unsightly pots. Available in sizes large (25 by 25cm) and small (20 by 20cm), this patterned holder enriches and brightens any space. Price …

Holiday Gift Guides 2021: Plant Parenthood

Ideas for green thumbs, plant killers, aspiring gardeners and anybody else who wants to be surrounded by lush, living and breathing plants

There’s nothing quite like a home garden—whether it’s on a vast estate with acres of redwoods, a courtyard with a blossoming jacaranda or in a tiny NYC apartment with a few monsteras. If you’re shopping for a green thumb who is creating, maintaining and enjoying their own personal jungle, our Plant Parenthood gift guide contains all kinds of ideas. From vases to propagation sets, seeds, tools, …

Terrazzo Plantable Candle

Aiming to produce a zero-waste candle, Austin-based Esker created this multi-purpose iteration. The brand’s Terrazzo Plantable Candle includes a seed paper embedded with herb seeds and a soil pod, so once the candle has been burned, the vessel becomes home to a plant. Before that though, the hand-poured soy wax—with notes of woody palo santo, rose and cedar—promises 65 to 75 hours of burn time.