Sweet Meats Plushies

Looking for a gift for your favorite butcher? Sweet Meats makes plushies of meat, providing comfort to carnivores outside of meal times. Steaks, ribs, sausages and ham are all represented.

Pocket Pork

Pocket Pork

Now there’s no denying the ultimate power of beady little eyes, (just consider the mass appeal of pug dogs) but when those shining black orbs are supposed to belong to plush versions of yummy chinese steamed or fried dumplings, those little fellas just hit straight to the heart and to heart of my tummy. Packaged in an adorable take-out container, each box comes with three …

Plush Week at Gallery 1988

Opening this Tuesday night in L.A. at Gallery Nineteen Eighty Eight is Plush Week! The show features hundreds of one of kind plush toys to drown yourself in cuteness consumption gluttony. Featured here is Tsai-Fi's Periwinkle Dust Bunni. Tsai-Fi takes vecter art characters and brings them to life as plushies and even applies the characters to t-shirts and accessories. Her work as well as many …