Mary’s Grizzly Bear Head Woodcut Sculpture Print

The mighty grizzly lends some rustic ferocity to your wall when hung as a woodcut sculpture print. Since each one is handmade, they vary in size, but each life-size grizzly averages about 16″ wide and 25″ high.

Bent Basket

Help kickstart Faris Elmasu's elegantly curved plywood bike basket

First designed as a prototype by Faris Elmasu, Bent Basket found success in hearts of design lovers after going viral in the blogging community. The excitement spurred Elmasu to take the basket to production, an effort that is coming to a head with the recent launch of a Kickstarter campaign. The design has everything an urban cyclist is looking for: the clean lines of an …


Simplicity and ingenuity power Portland's digital photography framers

These days, everyone seems to have a DSLR and a point-and-shoot, or at least a camera embedded in the smartphone in their pocket. What most of us don’t have are a C-type printer, glossy paper and mounting materials—not to mention the skill, know-how and motivation to get our Instagram photos off the computer and onto our walls. That’s where Portland, Oregon-based mounting company Plywerk comes …