Bent Basket

Help kickstart Faris Elmasu's elegantly curved plywood bike basket


First designed as a prototype by Faris Elmasu, Bent Basket found success in hearts of design lovers after going viral in the blogging community. The excitement spurred Elmasu to take the basket to production, an effort that is coming to a head with the recent launch of a Kickstarter campaign. The design has everything an urban cyclist is looking for: the clean lines of an Eames lounge, the durability of a skateboard deck and the utility of filing cabinet.

Most baskets on the market today are overly deep and lack covers, which can send items flying on rough roads. The curved tray and thick straps address this problem, and if you doubt Bent Basket’s ability to carry oversized essentials, think again—the tray will snugly hold two six packs on your way back from the store.


Bent Basket features eight hold notches that can be used to arrange your straps in a number of configurations and is secured by an aluminum mounting frame. There are four color options for the elastic bands, and the basket itself is made from seven sheets of maple veneer that have been hydraulic pressed before being weatherproofed.

Without disturbing the lines of your bike, Bent Basket seems to be a natural solution to stowing goods on your travels about town. Support the project on Kickstarter, where $110 will secure your own Bent Basket.