Steps Bookend

Constructed from sturdy metal and shaped like a staircase, Poketo’s Steps Bookend promises to be a functional, design-forward piece that works on a bookshelf or desk. Available in cheerful colors (seafoam, coral or dark blue), the hand-painted piece keeps books upright and in place while adding color and whimsy to any room.

2020 Calendars + Planners

From elegant agendas to playful desktop planners, several organizational items to help prepare for next year

As innumerable end-of-the-decade lists, memes and essays make the rounds, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by 2020’s approach. And yet, sorting through plentiful planner options—each with a specific focus and style—can hopefully lead to one that offers reprieve. Whether you like to look at the year one day at a time, or have an entire month stretched out on a page, our selections aim to …

Art Every Day Cap

This all-black cap hides its positive message in plain sight: “ART” is embroidered on the front, while on the back, the words “every day.” Made from 100% cotton, the Poketo six-panel cap is available in black on black, white on white, or white on royal blue and serves as a reminder to see beauty in even the ordinary.