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2020 Calendars + Planners

From elegant agendas to playful desktop planners, several organizational items to help prepare for next year

As innumerable end-of-the-decade lists, memes and essays make the rounds, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by 2020’s approach. And yet, sorting through plentiful planner options—each with a specific focus and style—can hopefully lead to one that offers reprieve. Whether you like to look at the year one day at a time, or have an entire month stretched out on a page, our selections aim to make organizing a bit easier. Of course, many of us default to the Google or iOS Calendar, but neither offer the support, artistry or elegance of those below—and that might make all the difference.

Weekly Desktop Planner

Risotto’s weekly desktop planner ($18) comes in a spacious A3 size and emphasizes visibility. Each page has space for three different activities—in the morning, afternoon, and evening—as well as a shopping list, song of the week, coffee tally, tic-tac-toe game, notes for the following week and more. Super-colorful and covered in playful illustrations, it’s likely to keep motivation high. Price is in Pounds.

David Shrigley 2020 Calendar

With 12 of David Shrigley’s inimitable artworks, this 2020 calendar ($13) will keep your the mood elevated (and sometimes hilariously perplexed) all year. With months and days labeled in English, German, Spanish and French, the calendar marks most worldwide holidays and leaves plenty of room for you to add important reminders. Price is in Pounds.

Kings Agenda

In ochre-dyed crocodile embossed calf leather, Smythson’s 2020 Kings Agenda ($335) runs from 18 November 2019 to 24 January 2021 through a week-to-view layout. This silk-lined, hardbound planner measures 21cm by 26cm. Made in England, it’s an impressive item that emphasizes easy organization.

Putinki + Tom of Finland Calendar

Published by Putinki with the recognizable artwork of Tom of Finland, this 2020 calendar ($20) pairs a delightfully suggestive homoerotic illustration with each month. Printed in Finland, the calendar measures 33cm by 23cm and will ship in mid-December. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to the Tom of Finland Foundation, which works to preserve, protect and promote erotic art.

A5 Monthly Planner

Wrapped in a blue and white grid cover, Poketo’s A5 Monthly Planner ($12) measures 5.8 by 8.3 inches and is printed on tree-free paper. Thanks to its open-date grid system, users can use it during any year. With enough pages to span a 16-month period, this planner is also available in A4 and A6 sizes.

2020 Astro Calendar

For those who like to know when there’s a new moon in Aquarius, the delightfully illustrated Small Spells 2020 Astro calendar ($25) is full of such divine information. It includes plenty of useful esoteric and astrological notes that will help you prepare for the coming days, weeks and months. Small Spells, which is helmed by Rachel Howe, is based in LA, where Howe also offers Tarot readings.

Colorful Risograph 2020 Wall Calendar

Printed in A3 format on 100 g/m2 white uncoated paper, this Flamingo Press 2020 calendar (£22) shines brightly, courtesy of the risograph printing process. Utilizing three colors—blue, fluorescent orange and white— each month’s image is different, from beach scenes to still lifes and text-driven prints.

Timor Desktop Calendar

The brilliance of Italian modernist artist and furniture designer Enzo Mari’s calendar ($140), which he created in 1966, lies in its limitlessness. The user simply flips the adjustable arm to reflect the right day, month and year combination. Designed by Enzo Mari for Danese Milano, the calendar reflects the era within which it was launched and makes a glorious and functional design piece for a work space.

2020 Planner + Gratitude Journal Bundle

Made in the USA, Ink+Volt’s 2020 planner and gratitude journal bundle ($62) aims to help organize one’s days, weeks and months—and one’s goals, intentions and perspective. The planner is wrapped in a soft-touch suede-like cover. Inside, the structure is broken down by month and week. The journal offers 60 blank daily entries and 10 weekly challenges. There are also surprising notes of inspiration peppered throughout.

Unsolicited Advice Weekly Planner

Part journal, part organizer, Adam Kurtz’s Unsolicited Advice Weekly Planner ($17) includes all of the usual dates and holidays—as well as some unexpected activities and check-ins. Whether reflecting on challenges from the past month, rating pizza toppings, listing irrational fears or noting some positive personal growth, there’s plenty to keep you inspired to continue using this planner. Kurtz’s contrasting bleak humor and earnest positivity, along with his familiar type and illustrations, come together over 224 coil-bound pages.

Images courtesy of respective brands, hero image courtesy of Poketo


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