Cool Hunting Video: Thornwillow Press

From papermaking to printing and publishing, this upstate NY-based company does it all while keeping modern technology at arm's length

When upstate in Newburgh, NY recently, we visited Thornwillow Press headquarters. Founder Luke Ives Pontifell (who started the company in 1985 as a labor of love) guided us through his diverse collection of printing processes and presses, as well as his eclectic anthology of original published works. Offering a high honor to the written word, Thornwillow Press preserves antiquated printmaking and book-binding techniques and shares …

Interview: Gary Taxali

The multi-media artist discusses balancing commercial and personal work and the perils of a blank white page

Art and commerce are traditionally thought of as opposing forces. Of course, this is especially true for artists who’s work lands on both advertisements and gallery walls. Finding inspiration from commercial work while maintaining a sense of integrity in the art world is no easy task, but Toronto-based artist Gary Taxali proves it’s not only possible but, at times, beneficial. Taxali is set to open …

Low Tech Print: Contemporary Hand-Made Printing

Printmaking is having a major moment as we continue to embrace analog processes in reaction to the digital world we live in. Curated by Caspar Williamson, “Low-Tech Print: Contemporary Hand-Made Printing” profiles 100 of the technique’s most influential players, including our friends Crispin Finn, and chronicles their processes, techniques and place in the greater historical context of this classic genre.